AcroEntertainment started as a whimsical collaboration project between Kaci Torres and Katie Magee in 2007.  Sharing an enthusiasm for street performing and a desire for play and physical activity, AcroEntertainment evolved into a professional performance duo that specializes in partner acrobatics, juggling and aerial dance.  With their roots in partner yoga, gymnastics, and circus fundamentals, AcroEntertainment explores oppositional forces in balance and expressive body position while maintaining a lively, entertaining atmosphere. AcroEntertainment is currently based in Raleigh, NC.

AcroEntertainment: Performance, Instruction and Play!

Kaci Torres

Kaci Torres

Kaci Rene Pierre Torres is an acrobatic performer and multi-medium artist, including paints, fabrics, murals, ceramics, and movement.  Her art was featured by the City of Raleigh’s Art-on-the Move in 2008, and she has numerous, permanent murals on display around the triangle. Kaci trained as an acrobat in California, Colorado, and New York City, exploring different styles while refining her own. Together with Katie, she co-founded AcroEntertainment in 2007, the first acrobatic group in the Triangle, performing partner acrobatics, aeriel silks, and trapeze.  She is the co-creator and lead organizer of circusSPARK, an annual event that brings together circus talent at Raleigh’s SPARKcon street festival, since 2010.  She graduated from NC State University with a degree in Economics and then worked at Pabst Brewing Company as the NC Field Marketing rep before landing her current job as Sales Director at Gamila Company.  She lives in Raleigh with her husband (Walden), cat (Tippy) and turtle (Chunx) and continues to foster the growth of the local circus community.


Katie Magee

Katie Bouterse

Katie Magee Bouterse is a passionate teacher and movement enthusiast. As a certified Prana Flow yoga instructor, Katie brings flexibility, balance, and strength of both body and mind to acrobatics and yoga. Her interest in movement started early; as a child, she practiced hand-stands daily, while waiting for the school bus. Katie trained in the circus arts in California, Montreal, and New York City, bringing the best of what she learned, back to North Carolina. Together with Kaci, she co-founded AcroEntertainment in 2007, performing partner acrobatics and aerial silks. Katie co-created circusSPARK in 2010 and continues to support their mission of open source creativity. Katie graduated from NC State University, and now works as a Montessori lower elementary teacher, bringing the cosmic education to the minds and hands of her students. She and her husband Brian love to travel, but call Raleigh, NC home.

Introducing…Imagine Circus!
Imagine Circus
We are very excited to announce that AcroEntertainment has merged with Flair Fire & Air to form a new, large scale cirque production company, Imagine Circus!

We are excited to reveal our new website, www.imaginecircus.com.

Our events calendar is quickly filling up and we invite you to reach out to us by:

  • Filling out our website booking form
  • Calling 919.307.5413
  • Emailing booking@ImagineCircus.com.